Only retiring Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz

Mets score home run with Tim Tebow jersey sales Tim Tebow may have just started his minor league baseball career, but his merchandise has already scored a home run. Before finishing his first practice session at the Mets’ spring training facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida on Monday morning, Tebow’s jersey ranks as a topContinue reading “Only retiring Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz”

can dismiss HD209458b as a fluke

Lightweight Planet Discovered Huge, Lightweight Planet Discovered A new, lightweight planet has been discovered orbiting a star 450 light years away in the constellation Lacerta. This unusual planet is larger than Jupiter, but it has only half its mass; astronomers estimate it has the same density as cork. The planet, named HAT P 1, orbitsContinue reading “can dismiss HD209458b as a fluke”

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